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What is Global Ambassador/CEO

      It is an union, comprised of members from indpendent sale or marketing people, to operate business and co-operation to achieve business profit. All members are self-employment and independent. Time is flexible and all up to members. CareBridge will provide free secretarial support, training, e-business platform and other technical support as well as business administration to members. It is a union that ensure members to share higher return of commission from successful sales..

(A)Our role: Honest, Share, Control Delegation


.Issue commission agreement to member guarantee a higher interest of benefit
.Provide E-business Platform to member for effectively sales
.Open and link record to ensure honest of every members


.Build an e-business platform to share win-win information amongst members
.Control no overlapping of sales region amongst members and sharing regional buyer news.
.Agreesive to help every members in technical support.
.Regular period review for good product & development.

Control Delegation

.Members of Board of Committe are open selected from members, ensuring faithful of Committe.
.Regional sales leader will put to Member Sales List in e-business for more sales explosion.

(B)Our Service: Members are backup by 3 functional teams

Promotion Team

.Appasial top Ambassador members in hot area of our homepage
.Plan and help preparing promotional material
.Invite members for participate mega sales show

Service Team

.Provide office facilities and equipments and namecard printing
.Arrange office for business meeting and agreement sign-off
.Provide secretarial service for daily routine work
.Arrange e-Business system training, legal and sales training
.Search and provide marketing information
.Arrange commitee gathering to share success experience
.Monitoring Customer Relationship Managment System

Accounting Team

.Provide financial advice
.Provide agreement review service and filing
.Provide member registration and renewal Service
.Arrange for member's commission delivery  

(C)Time for Commission Delivery

.Global Ambassador Committe are sole for arranging service commission.
.After confirmation of payment receive from accounting team, profit tax will deduct and balance of commission will enter to member's bank account by bank transaction.

(D)Member Registration Requirement

1. Enthuse in sales/marketing
2. With legal working permit
3. Have experience
4. One of moral act  

Global Ambassador/CEO Network

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Address: Office 904, Hang Bong Commerical Centre, 28 Shanghai Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

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