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Win-Win Investor
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What our next tools helping you ..
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What is WWRR? (Win-Win Ratio Return Scheme)

An online intellectual capital management platform globally provided to individuals or small companies to develop new winning business by sharing possess resources and intelligent capital. It is a management tools which allows enterprises or professional to tap into our reservoirs of knowledge and exploiting benefit effectively. The beneficial return of each participants are subject and calculate according to each contribution ratio respectively.

If you are ..

1) OVERSEAS COMPANIES OR INDIVIDUALS who want to develop winning business in a sense of cost control, production quality control, parts and material control, shipment delivery control and risk control.

2) Buyer who want MORE SECURED AGREEMENTS governed by Hong Kong Law.

3) Merchandiser who want EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT with manufacturing cost control.

4) Companies who want to SHARING RISK by minimise capital investment

5) Sales professionals looking for more quality products.

6) Technical professional looking for sales network.

7) One who are limited by capital to start

Who are highly benefit from WWRR?

1) Investor
2) Scientists or Bio-Researcher or Chermist or Inventors
3) Global Companies of Trading or Manufacturing
4) Merchandiser
5) Sales Professional
6) Product Designer
7) R&D Professional
8) Company with factory equipped with machinary such as

                  a) GMP facilities
                  b) Mould-Making Equipment
                  c) Plastic Injection Machine
                  d) Metal Part Manufacturing Machine
                  e) PCBA Assembly Equipment such as SMT and Bonding ..

Target Achievement of WWRR

1) Guaranteed MOQ sales order for NBO
2) Higher brand product margin
3) Cost control guided by BOM Cost
4) Good quality can be control
5) Good delivery can be control
6) Cash & payment can be control

Advantage of WWRR

1) Suitable for individual or small enterprises
2) Lower entry requirement even no initial capital
3) Sharing risk
4) Less operation and administration cost
5) Beneficial return is proportional to percentage of contribution.
6) CareBridge will responsible for all actual losts if any
7) Exclusive product sales plan

How WWRR Work

1) Post new tender/NBO (New Business Opportunity) in WWRR window
2) Break new tender to sub-tasks
3) Scoring each tasks a ratio percentage, state whether a direct cost type or investor wanted.
4) Only available task will display for ticket enqiry for investor later
5) Task owner's beneficial return ratio is proportional to sum of his confirmed ratio percentage
6) NBO will launch only when it arrives to a mimimal start setting percentage
7) NBO team formation
8) NBO development schedule and review milestones.
9) NBO agreement sign-off

Win-Win Ratio-Return Commission :

Beneficial Return of SubTask Owner = MOQ Profit Margin x Subtask Breakdown Ratio to MOQ BOM Cost Percentage

CareBridge BOM to FOB Formula :

MOQ Material Cost = MOQ x BOM Cost
MOQ Direct Cost = MOQ Sub-Task Direct Cost TTL
MOQ Profit Margin = MOQ Cost x Profit Margin Percentage
1st MOQ Sub-Task TTL = All cost of Sub-Task
1st MOQ FOB = 1st MOQ Sub-Task TTL + MOQ Profit Margin
Final MOQ FOB = MOQ Direct Cost + MOQ Profit Margin
  Win-Win Ratio Return Scheme -> New Business Opportunity System + Tendering System

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